Its been a while……!

Technology has gotten the better of me. My Blogspot blog has become defunct – someone has changed the user name and blogspot don’t want to help me (despite 5 e-mails and searching the Help section). So I have transferred to Word press, which most people have told me has more functionality and will be easier to use going forwards. I will also be able to upgrade it to a website should the book take off, then I’ll need a website!

The blogspot was really easy to set up – and is still there (as I cant’t remove it), but it is a nightmare to deal with if you have any problems. They do not want to help – or probably don’t want to encourage people to communicate with them direct. Anyway I requested a login reset to my googlemail account, but never received the email to reset it. So I’m guessing they don’t want me to carry on blogging – luckily wordpress do – so here I am.

I need to let everyone know that my blog page has changed – I am going to rely on good old-fashioned e-mail and facebook posts for that!! I’ll be back blogging as normal as soon as possible – comments and support please!


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