So you think you can write – but does anyone want to read it?

So back to the process. How do I get my book commercially published and more importantly will it sell?
The feedback we are getting at the moment is really positive. Most people think it would make a great film, let alone a good book. The challenge we have however is how to get it infront of a publisher who wants to publish it? That’s the challenge for the week!

I have read a considerable amount about how to get a book published and the main thread of blogs, websites and twitter is that you have to get an agent. This book has always been about my journey to making things happen myself, not relying on others to do the work. Surely having an agent defeats that objective? It is personally (and commercially) important that I do this myself and if that means challenging the status quo of the publishing world then so be it! To be fair I’ve spent most of my life challenging the norm, so why stop now?

So how to catch the eye of the publishing world and get my book on the shelves? I haven’t given up on the idea of self publication, although it is becoming a less appealing option, the more I learn about it. I am estimating that publishers must receive hundreds of scripts per day, maybe thousands in a week. So how does mine stand out. One thought was to prioritise the ones to speak to and sit it out in reception – all day if necessary, however I’m thinking that will not necessarily portray the image I am hoping for! Presenting the book as a whole concept with most of the work done for them already……? Now that could get their attention. A complete pack with existing marketing (done by me!) ; synopsis of book (by me!) ; concept going forwards i.e. further potential ; story board (my artistic talent!) ; cast list … etc etc. This I know will catch their eye and make the book into something worth taking some time from their day to look at: and infact that is all I am asking for, to give it a fair shot.

The world of publishing is very closed to an outsider. I do not think that it is deliberately as challenging to break into as I make out, however I would recommend that they make it more inviting as they could be missing out on all sorts of great stories!

So far I have a great story, a book, a means of publication (self) but a big barrier to entry in the commercial publishing world. I find that extremely challenging and I am well up for it!!

Posted by bekidaviesduvet at Monday, February 01, 2010 2 comments

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