Timing is everything!

I am supposed to have put together a critical path to launch today, but there is so much to consider and so much that is currently undecided. I am using a tried and tested worksheet that Juin (you know who you arexx!) put together for us when we were running all the bars at Gay Pride in Finsbury Park. It’s simple in its construction, but ensures every angle is covered. I thought I would look up the definition of a Critical Path and am very glad I am following Juins simple yet effective structure!!

The essential technique for using CPM is to construct a model of the project that includes the following:

1. A list of all activities required to complete the project (typically categorized within a work breakdown structure),
2. The time (duration) that each activity will take to completion, and
3. The dependencies between the activities


Frankly I would spend more time working out the definitions of 1-3 than actually filling the dam thing in. Plus there is no flexibility for updates as you progress forwards, alterations if you don’t hit the critical dates or space for more information that the box will take! It’s at times like these that I wish for the old days. Juin and I worked together for 3 glorious years in London, whilst I was running gay pubs, cabaret bars and nighclubs all over the country. That was the time when I met one of the characters in my book London became a very convenient place to do business! But I digress. Juin and I worked together fantastically well, mainly because she had an astounding ability to follow behind me making sure the debris and dust was cleared away efficiently and without offending too many people. Without her my sanity would have been lost in an office world that was depressing at best and wrist slashing at worst. I spent most of my time in the bars and was privileged in the people I worked with. Their professionalism and dedication to customer service was second to none. Standards, controls were taken as read. The downside being that the hedonistic nature of the business meant that if something went wrong it was massive – requiring a complete disaster recovery (hence the initial use of a critical path) that would involve the press, shareholders, board presentations, community meetings, employment officers etc etc. Juin was my rock, without her unending support we would never have had the success that we did. I miss working with her and with those business managers who made it all happen at the front line.
Since those days I’ve used a CP (abbreviations makes me feel like I know what I’m talking about!) in every job I’ve been in. Maybe I should have used one in my personal life too – although that may have meant I would not be here writing this blog ………? It is way of making sure you achieve your target over a set period of time. My advice though is to not put dates on it, label week one day one – it makes managing it so much simpler. Put dates on it, once it starts, by all means, but not when putting it all together. As I’m pushing for about 8 weeks to launch, it is starting to fill up pretty quickly. However I can’t complete it until tomorrow when I start working through the edits with Mark and a very trusted friend who has made some really constructive comments already. I am still amazed everyday at how supportive and honest my friends and family have been. Do I deserve it ? I really hope.

So onwards with the critical path, and the quest for a definitive decision on self publication or not.

Shall I follow the recommended process and accept what people say about what you can and cannot achieve in this market?
If your answer is “Yes” you do not know we very well!!

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