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How complicated?

May 6, 2010

So the decision is that I should go with an agent in order get the best possible publication deal! Presuming that I pick the right agent (or they pick me?) then they will be able to ensure that the book gets as much exposure as possible and that all subsequent opportunities are realised!

So I have sent off my submissions – however they all want something slightly different

  • synopsis of the whole storey
  • the first 3 chapters
  • where is the market opportunity?
  • how will you help market the book?
  • contact details on the first page
  • contact details on the last page
  • 3 a4 pages with 2.5 cm margins
  • 4 a4 pages with 3.5 cm margins
  • we will charge you for reading your submission (didn’t send them one)
  • we will not charge you for reading your submission
  • SAE to acknowledge receipt
  • SAE to send material back

Surely if everyone who wanted to make a book submission filled in a standard form then it would make life so much easier for all concerned? It could even reduce the need for so many agents as publishers can have a standard approach – or maybe that is part of the complicated plan to justify the existence of agents ?

I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of understanding how new businesses work – infact I’ll be doing that as my business from now on – blog to follow! However the real frustration comes when you can seeĀ a way through the complexities that the nuances of that market place have created, but due the people who feel protected by those complexities protect them fiercely Consequently it becomes a vicious circle of problem solving to “but we have always done it that way” to problem solving again! But it all adds to the challenge and elation when you make it work. And work this will – someone out there will be listening and someone will be helping me share my duvet sometime soon!

The more complicated the better!