Change for the better

 Small Swedish Flag

Here we are in Sweden! Somehow all the negatives have turned into one big positive and we’re here! I was fortunate enough to have kept in touch with a great recruitment agent who has a new business and new account, she thought of me – the company liked me and I liked them next thing you know we are moving to Sweden!

Culturally the Swedes are very family orientated and their social / business frameworks are set up to enable a good balance between work and family life. For example – the offices close at 5pm – everyone goes home and does not start work again until 8am the next day. Simple, but effective. Having time away from work for family events just happens with no debate or justification. I feel able to be attentive and supportive for my son without compromising my work and vice versa. Plus the education system over here is second to none, mostly supported by the state. The choice is from Montessori to state schools but the pressure to “perform” in a structured environment is not there. It’s about fun, enjoying and accepting who people are as individuals.

The other part I’m realising is the “get on with it” approach. We are participating in a charity run tomorrow. It is forecast to be pouring with rain – bring your waterproofs and get on with it! What a difference to being in the UK! Weather is not an obstable neither is geography. It’s very refreshing. I am missing my friends and family, more than I thought possible. However we will be OK – I really think we will.


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