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It’s been nearly 3 months

October 28, 2010

Overall moving to a new country has been an amazing experience. Mostly I have had to really understand their culture quickly and want to be part of it, in order to generate a support network to help me manage day to day life. You come to rely on it so much when you are in your comfort zone, it’s quite scary when it is gone (or at least a plane ride away).

The Swedes are very literal in their interpretation of everything. They take what you say to them very seriously. One of my team had bought a set of draws for my desk, he was trying hard to fit them together, when Nathan & I happened to pop into the office. We were laughing about a Swede not being able to put together a set of Ikea draws. I thought not more of it. The day ended, the draws weren’t finished we went home. The following day, this same member of the team was in the office really early furiously trying to build these draws. Unknown to me, Nathan has gone upto this man and told him that his mummy was his boss, and that she would be very disappointed if he did not complete the set of draws – this guy is 36, 6ft8 and was complying with the cheeky statement of a 6year old boy! Although we all laugh about it now, the lessons I learnt about how to communicate were invaluable. We now have a board in the office where we write funny comments that people make on, it makes people smile and not be quite so serious that day!

One difference I am embracing is lunchtime. We all stop for lunch everyday and every office has to provide adequate facilities for people to bring their own lunch and sit in a separate area to eat. I’ve never stopped for lunch in my whole career, not even breakfast most of the time. Whilst I admit this has led to poor eating habits and unnecessary deposits of cellulite it has just become a habit. Well evey habit can be broken and this one is no different. I do not miss out on valuable work time by having lunch & am actually more effecient during the afternoon without sugar highs and lows of chocolate and coffee. My son is also feeling the benefits of a proper dinner at school, where he can go back for second helpings and there are large bowls of salad, rye bread and crackers they can help themselves to.  If fact I am not able to remember any reason for not stopping for lunch ?

The Swedes are very serious most of the time. As I have spent the last 2 years determined to laugh properly everyday, this has come as somewhat of a challenge to me. Challenge for me to deal with personally but also how to make them laugh everyday! More on this later but worth mentioning all the same.

You know I am really enjoying writing this, I feel free! I hope this doesnt mean I am becoming a literacy lovie! Perish the thought.

Til next time – very soon.


Where have I been?

October 28, 2010


I started writing as a cathartic process, to get things off my chest, let people know how I was really feeling – tell the truth about what has happened and what was happening. However what I didn;t realise is that if your reason to write becomes mute, then your motivation diminishes. That is what I think has happened to me. I was writing to vent, I don;t need to do that anymore.  A penny dropped last week and I suddenly realised that what matters is the future, not the past. Sure learn from the past, understand it if thats what helps, but dont keep going back to it. Particularly to rake over what if? but? whys? & maybes? We are where we are – the only thing we can be is as good as we were today.

I also spent alot of time sitting on top of moral high ground mountain enjoying the crisp clean air and the beautiful view and gave myself a tiny pat on the back, just a small one mind!

So I’m blogging with a forward focus now. I’m now also writing for 3 other websites, which is lovely to be asked. So here I go with my onward journey – with a new cover on my duvet. But looking forward to spending lots of time under it next weekend.