Where have I been?


I started writing as a cathartic process, to get things off my chest, let people know how I was really feeling – tell the truth about what has happened and what was happening. However what I didn;t realise is that if your reason to write becomes mute, then your motivation diminishes. That is what I think has happened to me. I was writing to vent, I don;t need to do that anymore.  A penny dropped last week and I suddenly realised that what matters is the future, not the past. Sure learn from the past, understand it if thats what helps, but dont keep going back to it. Particularly to rake over what if? but? whys? & maybes? We are where we are – the only thing we can be is as good as we were today.

I also spent alot of time sitting on top of moral high ground mountain enjoying the crisp clean air and the beautiful view and gave myself a tiny pat on the back, just a small one mind!

So I’m blogging with a forward focus now. I’m now also writing for 3 other websites, which is lovely to be asked. So here I go with my onward journey – with a new cover on my duvet. But looking forward to spending lots of time under it next weekend.


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