& so into 2011

If I had £1 for everytime someone had said to me “2011 has to be a better year for you – doesnt it?” in the last couple of weeks…….?

Having heard that this time last year, probably as many times I am looking back to 2010 & realising how grateful I am for the huge learning curve that it has been & am now determined keep moving forwards. Because, actually, 2010 has been a much better year for me – but for the inside me, not necessarily the outside one.  Although I am externally much more true to myself (black is back!), the big changes have been on the inside – I have learnt an awful lot & as ever with me, they only way I learn, is by real experience (just ask my teachers!)

1. Not everything needs to be dealt with positively, you can allow  yourself a little bit of a wallow!
2. You are who you are, you shouldn’t change (compromise yes) for anyone.
3.  Those that matter to you are all that matter – it really is that simple.
4. People who leave your life, leave for reasons, if you dont understand those reasons, accept it and move on – don’t waste valuable energy on trying to work it out.
5. Allow yourself to celebrate the small breakthroughs – inside your head.
6. Although instinctively risky, trust your instincts. If it feel right or wrong it probably is. Don’t paper over it, deal with it & enable yourself to move on.
7. Do sweat the small stuff – it adds up to big stuff.
8. If it helps, medication is a great way of supporting you, but it is only a temporary fix & you should always strive to support yourself.

Maybe I should write a blog dedicated to 1-7 describing the epiphany moment for each, I may well have done so already – work it out. Number 8, I’d struggle with, lack of memory plus alot of it wasnt real so where’s the learning in that?

There are all sorts of blogs out there at the moment, what to change in 2011; how to make it better; how great / bad 2010 was; resolutions; resolving to not have any resolutions; you get the idea. If you take one thing from my ramblings above – it is what it is, learn – onwards into 2011!


One Response to “& so into 2011”

  1. serenityplumb Says:

    I liked your list quite a bit and had to laugh because I have heard the same comments from people leading up to 2011 lol! Keep up the great story telling! I love it!

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