An everything pie

I have always had the same routine for bedtime with my son. The main aspect being reading him 1 or 2 stories before he goes to sleep. I’ve done it since he was about 6months old and the routine has worked, wherever we are, stories cuddled up in bed mean time for a sleepy. How long this will last I am not sure, but I hope it is for a long time to come.

Anyway last night we read a Mr Men story – called Mr Happy and the Wizard hat. It is one of the new generation of Mr Men books that include other Mr Men within the story and another character central to the plot. Anyway, Mr Happy finds the wizards spell book and hat in a library and returns them – meeting a variety of Mr Men along the way. As a thank you for returning his book and hat, the wizard cooks Mr Happy an everything pie.

It gave me an idea – what if life was an everything pie? All of a sudden you are in realms of how to make a pie? What ingredients to use; the quality of those ingredients; when it is made; temperature of the oven; who you impart the successful recipe to; how many pies you have to make before you have the perfect recipe; whose advice you ask along the way, would make some really interesting conversations and thought provoking recipes.  Then I thought what if you just bought an off the shelf pie? Now that brings with it all sorts of presumptions and pre-made decisions that you have no influence over. There are things you can influence however, the price you pay; if you follow the cooking instructions; what accompaniments you serve with it; who you share it with; whether you recommend it to someone else.

There are pros and cons to both options and time could easily become a deciding factor. My point is though trying to enjoy a slice of life from an off the shelf pie may well produce instant gratification but will you be able to re-create it and how long does it last? Putting the initial effort and time into your own recipe, although a longer process with more risks of failure, could mean you ultimately end up with your own everything pie, that satisfies your needs long term and some of those others around you.

The cynic in me says (and my cellulite bears witness to) the fact that actually I just like eating pies!


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