Lessons learnt Jan 2011!

I’ve been way too philosophical in my ramblings these last couple of blogs, so time for some humour (philosophical of course) I think. Lessons my son has learnt in the month of January 2011 – through no planning from myself

1. Your Mummy is not light on her feet. Nor is she as light as a feather. Therefore if you bash into her the chances are high that you will suffer also. Shouting “out the way mummy!” 20s before careering into the back of her, whilst you are both on ice skates will not prevent the inevitable fall ontop of you, dead weight!

2. Saying “Mummy I like you face without makes ups, it is not scary!” Will illicit squeals of delight and lots of embarrassing hugs, for a longer time period than you will probably want.

3. Telling Mummy that she is much more squashy than a pillow and therefore more comfortable, will not necessarily illicit such large squeals of delight, but will certainly be taken in the spirit that it was intended!

 4. Skateboarding on laminate floor (not in my care!) inside a room full of furniture will end in disaster.

5. Being able to not wee on the toilet or the floor just once does not make up for all the times you “forget” past or future! No matter how many times you remind me!

6. Telling everyone within a 50m radius “Mummy you really need to wax your legs!” is not going to further your chances of getting to visit the pick ‘n’ Mix counter on the way home.

7. Falling over more than being upright and still trying to skate on ice until you are exhausted, has made me the proudest Mummy in the world ever!

8. Despite me waking you at 11pm every night to lift you to the toilet, you still tell me you love me every time before snuggling into my comfy places (see point 3). This will always make me cry and always will.

And what has my learning been? That however tough it gets, I am surrounded by unchallenging love that knows no boundaries and has no demands – and that is pretty special. Oh and I need to wear less make ups, wax my legs more and get quicker on the ice!!


2 Responses to “Lessons learnt Jan 2011!”

  1. helloitsgemma Says:

    Oh this is lovely.

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