A different Christmas

Coming from a wonderfully large family – eldest of 6 girls we have always gone to my mothers’ for our Christmas celebrations. With there now being husbands, grandchildren and dogs it is quite a houseful. During the last couple of years I have taken the same options for key events, reassured that I will have few decisions to make and there is a comfort in knowing how it will all work. However 2010 we decided to do something a little different – we spent it with my son’s godparents.

Not only are they his godparents but they have also been amazingly supportive friends to me too, through all the trauma of the last 2 years. I am indebted to them. I was nervous about being somewhere else for Christmas, but having ensured that Father Christmas knew where we were and that he had to leave presents at Granny and Daddy’s respective houses also, we were set.  I was also extremely lucky that my sons godfather spent some quality boy time on the 24th with my son so I could get my legs waxed (see previous post!), hair cut and nails done! Everything seems so much better after all of that!

Christmas day was lovely. Father Christmas even wrote a letter and left it for my son to read, signing it with “Ho Ho Ho!” which is apparently how you know it is from him, which reassured the whole present whereabouts query. The day was different to previous years, different people and less of them, but the enjoyment and love no less.

And why write about it? – well not everything has to be the same all the time, trying something new or different can be really scary, but sometimes you just might find that a change is just as great and boosts your confidence that you can do something a bit different!

This picture was taken at the end of the Christmas day, it stars my son and his ever companion, Humphrey. They did not even make it up the stairs! A true sign that a wonderful time was had by all!


4 Responses to “A different Christmas”

  1. janeblackmore Says:

    sounds like you had a rather fabulous christmas,

    lovely pic

  2. Nic's Notebook Says:

    Awww indeed!! Nice photo 🙂

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