I am writing about this picture because it represents such a breakthrough. My son has some real challenges concentrating, sitting still basically focusing on one task for more than 45s (it has been timed in a professional assessment!) His frustration and annoyance at himself has led to reduced self confidence and behaviour that has proved very challenging particularly at home! I have fought for help for him in the UK and got nowhere. We arrived in Sweden and within 2 weeks he had been assessed, first stage and we were on our way to progress. The school has been fantastic and we have put some great strategies in place that have made such a difference to his confidence and performance in school it is astounding. He completed the above picture just after the new year. In order to do it he had to sit still, with a group of his peers (his cousins same age) and concentrate – those pieces are really fiddly. Also this is his own picture from his own head! The fact that he did this voluntarily is amazing. Then add in that there are some proper well formed shapes and I burst into tears! Even 3 months ago, this would not have been possible. Why was he not getting the help he needed in the UK is a whole other debate and one that I get extremely annoyed about. The important thing is that he getting the support he needs and he is thriving! & for now that is all that matters.


4 Responses to “Shape”

  1. helloitsgemma Says:

    what a great outcome for him, thanks for sharing.

  2. Jenny paulin @ mummy mishaps Says:

    Good for him and good for you for taking some action and going to a place where your boy will get the attention he needs. So sorry you couldn’t find it here in the UK.
    It’s a beautiful photo and I can tell how proud of it and him you are through your words

  3. WitWitWoo Says:

    Blimey, nearly had me in tears then! What a lovely story (and picture!) – I’m sure he’ll go from strength to strength!

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