The last 24 hours!

I have decided to capture the last 24hours in photographs – the idea being given courtesy of in the weekly gallery. I have posted a link, which I hope works!

I’ve had a successful career and held some senior positions, however the last 24 hours had been one of the most stressful times in my career. I am CEO of the Scandinavian company, belonging to a UK group of businesses. The business is having a tough time (through the actions of clients & creditors), but through it all we have pulled together still managed to smile everyday.

However being at the top is sometimes very lonely & not being able to really say how you are feeling on a really stressful day can be torturous. Add to that being a single parent in a foreign country ……! So here is my 24 hours, I hope it gives you an insight into my life.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(I really hope that you are able to use the slid show for all the pictures – first time I have tried this)

First thing – taking my son to school, singing “Here come the girls” in the car whilst my stomach is churning & heart racing

My first cup of coffee & I am fighting the urge to resort to emergency measures!

Add my twitter feed.

Checking that the numbers are right – we can;t stretch it any further & have gone through this a hundred times. I am responsible for peoples’ livelihoods & therefore I have to check again

Pacing the floor, all I can do is wait. The day seems to be going on forever. Being in someone elses’ hands is not something I am wired to deal with.

Pick up superman, with an air of noddy holder to him from after school club. He’s had a great day at school and is full of life. Suddenly things are not quite so stressful

Finish the 100 project for school – we had to make something to represent 100 days of school. It has taken my strongest negotiating skills to get N to sit still (5 mins at a time) & colour in the cardboard 100 & then stick 100 good behaviour stickers to it – but it’s finished & he actually looks me in the eye & says he likes what he has done!

Phone rings – not the news we were hoping for. Take several more calls whilst N plays his DS for 30mins. Turn phone off because he needs & deserves my full attention for at least an hour.  My team know how I manage my time & that they can get hold of me in an hours time.

Fried cheese sandwich for my tea – for those that understand the stress induced need for carbs!

Sleep eludes me – there is no photo of my in my pyjamas – that would be too much for all concerned.

Back to where I started yesterday morning – gave “Here comes the girls” a real good shout out today. Laughing all the way to school.

On my way upto the office – head is spinning, not sure what today holds again, in the hands of others.

Wish me luck!


18 Responses to “The last 24 hours!”

  1. Jenny paulin @ mummy mishaps Says:

    They are great photos giving us an insight into your life through 24 hours. The superman pose is hilarious that’s my fav photo and it’s granhow yo make time for twitter 🙂

  2. Harriet Says:

    Forget your head spinning – mine is too just thinking about all that! What a great set of pictures.

  3. jfb57 Says:

    Love the slide show & well done for sorting it out. I haven’t worked it out yet!

    • Beki Davies Says:

      It is one of the options when you click on insert photo – tabs at the top! I only found it by mistake!
      Thank you for the RT also.

  4. Tara Says:

    Absolutely perfect. Loving the fag packet with the special note on!
    And fried cheese sandwich? You truly are fab! x

  5. Paula (QWERTY mum) Says:

    I don’t know how you do it. You are an inspiration. Love the Superman outfit xx

  6. Lucy (theprojectlab) Says:

    Wow that is quite a day! Good luck with everything. I don’t know about Superman, you sound like Superwoman! x

  7. helloitsgemma Says:

    love this, was on actual tender hooks as to whether it would all work out. Sometimes it’s rubbish trying to juggle work/life/family and other people.

  8. Mama Syder Says:

    Brilliant insight! Love your little superman…Fab!

  9. Karin @ Cafe Bebe Says:

    I’m loving everyone’s 24 hours…fascinating that we’re all so similar! 😉


  10. marisworld Says:

    It must be frightening having so many people’s livelihoods in your hands, thank goodness for Superman injecting a bit of fun adn down to earth every now and then. fingers crossed all is well tomorrow

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