5 Things that make me feel good…..?

Its all too easy to get wrapped up in everyday life and not stop and think about what makes you feel good just in your everyday activities – I spied this twitter feed and so here we are. I am on my lunch break in the office (we have to have an hour for lunch over here in Sweden – that is good), so thought I would take time out from what felt like a very miserable day to respond.

1. My son’s teacher stopped me in the corridor this morning to relay a small incident that occurred in the classroom yesterday that showed huge improvements in his way of coping! – good and poud, powerful combination.

2. I was just asked (in Swedish) “Where has your arse gone?” – weight loss without trying always makes you feel good.

3. Waking up this morning, I felt good – it is not yet as regular occurance as I would like it to be, but it is happening more often than not – good progress.

4. Thumbs up from the legislative organisation I have been negotiating with just recently (in Swedish) – thank goodness I got the process right!

5. I am cooking supper for good friends and work colleagues this evening – despite being full of cold – that always feels good.

So maybe this day is not as miserable as I first thought – amazing what taking time out to think differently can do.


4 Responses to “5 Things that make me feel good…..?”

  1. benopause Says:

    I do the same – not spending enough time reflecting on the good, always bogged down with the bad.
    Keep going, though.

  2. helloitsgemma Says:

    what a great list, am so impressed – negotiations in Swedish.
    Reminders of how well we are doing are often needed.
    You sound as fed up as I do, February is a hard month, feeling full of cold doesn’t help. Hope you had a great evening – the ‘where’s your arse’ comment made me laugh! Is that really a compliment??

  3. Beki Davies Says:

    When you have an arse as large as mine has been, it really is a compliment!! Thank you for reading – Im full of cold too yuk!

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