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Education – not always as you think! Proud I am!

March 23, 2011

My son “learns” in a different way, for both of us this has always been a challenge, particularly when I can’t understand why he cant see the obvious!

This picture is definitely one of my proudest education moments.

My son is learning fractions in school. He understands 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 when written down. If you ask him one third of any number (upto 24) he will immediately answer correctly; how many 4s are in upto 32 correct answer; half of any even number the right answer; he can colour in the right amount of a divided shape.  Everything points to him understanding fractions right?

Ask him to read the same questions & write down the answers to the same problems,  he can’t e.g. 1/2 of 10 = / 1/3 of 9 =
despondency, frustration, anger and a pencil that has been sharpened to within an inch (literally) of its life.

Ask him 1/3 of 3; 1/2 of 2 or 1/4 of 4 & complete meltdown.

I was determined we would break the back of this on Monday evening. It took all my negotiating skills and application to even get us sitting down thinking about it. Suddenly it hit me – he needed to see it! The say the words, move the objects and see the results. Out came the craft draw and the lollipop sticks came out!

We made a square from 2 sticks. I asked N to take away one half of it. He did, I then asked him what did he have in his hand – he said one half! And so we built it from there! We had 40 sticks and spent half an hour doing all sorts of shapes and fractions using all the different phrases and words.

What an education for us both!


One step further!

March 21, 2011

The whole blogging experience has been a fantastic journey for me, now I want to take it that one step further.

I am really excited about having my blog re-designed and made more user friendly. I will be working with and have every confidence she will be able to produce something fantastic. I’ve got some ideas on what I would like it to have in it but would really value the opinions of others; there are some areas I am struggling with.

Overiding everything is my new found passion for writing. I have re-discovered my love of this, through blogging and many a dark Scandinavian evening on my own! But I am finding that I have an opinion on everything! Previously I would just verbalise this to whoever wanted to listen (or not) now I am loving writing it down and being fired up by the comments and response that I get. I have tried to narrow my topics down:-

Being a single Mother; The working world; having a child with behavioural challenges; food; support networks; trends; mental health; publishing my book.

However I am also more than aware that it is often the gray areas that provoke some of the most interesting topics for blogging, so keeping them all separate may well be counter-productive.

From a technical point of view (which I am rubbish at) @violetposy will evidence, I know that I need an easy RSS feed; twitter link; better layout; possibility for advertising; blog categories; links to others and loads more that I can’t remember or know the terminology for.

Still sticking with the duvet theme but the addition of some daisies (my favourite flowers!) for a decorative touch!

So my question to you out there, is what else should I think about? Is there something I am currently doing wrong? What would keep you reading? What would get you to recommend my blog to to others?

I’d really appreciate your views – thank you in advance.

Different – is good!

March 9, 2011

Earlier this year I blogged about spending Christmas differently, with my sons godparents.  I won’t go into the whys and wherefores again, but the lessons that I learnt have stayed with me over the last couple of months.

Different has always been a worry for me the last couple of years and I have realised that actually it can be really good. You just have to approach it head on with a positive outlook. Sometimes that takes an amazing amount of energy, but so far, although a work in progress, its is working.

This is me and my son on Christmas Eve out for meal before a wonderful, but different Christmas day.

As ever thank you for reading.

Thank you to for another great idea for a blog!

How do they manage it?

March 6, 2011

I’m not having an easy time of it at the moment. There is alot to sort out and I am struggling.

Coupled with being determined to do the best by my son at all times and the pressure is huge.

Everything just seems to be going wrong, big stuff, really scary stuff.

Suddenly, as if my son knew just what I needed – we are in bed this evening & he picks up this book & just starts to read it out loud to me. He put his head on my shoulder & just read; he didn’t shout at the words he got confused by; he laughed when he read letters the wrong way round; he pointed out all the rhymning words – my son just read my a whole book for no other reason than he wanted to!

(Please read my previous blogs to truly understand the significance of this)

How do they manage to know, just what you need at just the right time. You know what – it could well just all be ok!

You don’t always need words

March 5, 2011

When I started really enjoying blogging I quite often let the words get the better of me. If you have the time to see my very early blogs, blimey I did go on a bit! 

I have since learnt that actually you don’t have to say everything with words. This is where we have been today – we leave in 3 weeks.

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You have to look for the positive

March 4, 2011

Well its finally over and done with, we are now in administration, which is not nearly as complex or scary as I thought. The team that worked for me, are still here everyday, they are under no obligation to be here at all – but here they all are. Yesterday we decided to make my son a dragon costume for World Book Day at his school today. Swedes are incredibly creative – I am not, my contribution was colouring in the red triangle on the head and the red triangle on the tail!

We had a real laugh putting it all together and co-ordinating how it would look – I am incredibly lucky to have worked with such amazing people, I think yesterday afternoon was just what we all needed.

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On seeing his costume my son’s comment was “Awesome!”

On arriving in school as a dragon (the only non shop bought costume there!), his classmates comments were “Cool, awesome & what a fantastic tail!”

Yesterday and today I found the positive again – how awesome is that!

Simple Pleasures

March 2, 2011

Here is my son taking his “short cut” into school, whilst I walk the normal way round into the building.

For him asking to be able to do this and then being allowed to do it, is massive – so not so simple you say? Well actually it is – he is only about 30ft away from me at anytime and I can see him at all times – he doesn’t know that! He is really proud of his independance and that he can walk into school grounds.

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We meet at the school door and in we go – a simple pleasure that makes his day just shine!