You have to look for the positive

Well its finally over and done with, we are now in administration, which is not nearly as complex or scary as I thought. The team that worked for me, are still here everyday, they are under no obligation to be here at all – but here they all are. Yesterday we decided to make my son a dragon costume for World Book Day at his school today. Swedes are incredibly creative – I am not, my contribution was colouring in the red triangle on the head and the red triangle on the tail!

We had a real laugh putting it all together and co-ordinating how it would look – I am incredibly lucky to have worked with such amazing people, I think yesterday afternoon was just what we all needed.

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On seeing his costume my son’s comment was “Awesome!”

On arriving in school as a dragon (the only non shop bought costume there!), his classmates comments were “Cool, awesome & what a fantastic tail!”

Yesterday and today I found the positive again – how awesome is that!


One Response to “You have to look for the positive”

  1. Rachael Says:

    You have to look for the postivity in everything, I think you have to look at it all as a great big journey. Just like those who work for you undoubtedly are. It’s also a great judgment of your character that they chose to come back despite not actually having too. Hold your head high, be proud and look forward to more exciting challenges to come.

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