How do they manage it?

I’m not having an easy time of it at the moment. There is alot to sort out and I am struggling.

Coupled with being determined to do the best by my son at all times and the pressure is huge.

Everything just seems to be going wrong, big stuff, really scary stuff.

Suddenly, as if my son knew just what I needed – we are in bed this evening & he picks up this book & just starts to read it out loud to me. He put his head on my shoulder & just read; he didn’t shout at the words he got confused by; he laughed when he read letters the wrong way round; he pointed out all the rhymning words – my son just read my a whole book for no other reason than he wanted to!

(Please read my previous blogs to truly understand the significance of this)

How do they manage to know, just what you need at just the right time. You know what – it could well just all be ok!


One Response to “How do they manage it?”

  1. helloitsgemma Says:

    beautiful post, lovely image of the two of you.
    hang in there x

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