One step further!

The whole blogging experience has been a fantastic journey for me, now I want to take it that one step further.

I am really excited about having my blog re-designed and made more user friendly. I will be working with and have every confidence she will be able to produce something fantastic. I’ve got some ideas on what I would like it to have in it but would really value the opinions of others; there are some areas I am struggling with.

Overiding everything is my new found passion for writing. I have re-discovered my love of this, through blogging and many a dark Scandinavian evening on my own! But I am finding that I have an opinion on everything! Previously I would just verbalise this to whoever wanted to listen (or not) now I am loving writing it down and being fired up by the comments and response that I get. I have tried to narrow my topics down:-

Being a single Mother; The working world; having a child with behavioural challenges; food; support networks; trends; mental health; publishing my book.

However I am also more than aware that it is often the gray areas that provoke some of the most interesting topics for blogging, so keeping them all separate may well be counter-productive.

From a technical point of view (which I am rubbish at) @violetposy will evidence, I know that I need an easy RSS feed; twitter link; better layout; possibility for advertising; blog categories; links to others and loads more that I can’t remember or know the terminology for.

Still sticking with the duvet theme but the addition of some daisies (my favourite flowers!) for a decorative touch!

So my question to you out there, is what else should I think about? Is there something I am currently doing wrong? What would keep you reading? What would get you to recommend my blog to to others?

I’d really appreciate your views – thank you in advance.


2 Responses to “One step further!”

  1. benopause Says:

    Hi Beki
    I need to do a similar upgrade at some point, but my main focus is on the writing (when I have the time).
    Personally, I don’t have specific topics that retain my interest, but as long as you are passionate and reasoned in your writing, that is what I look for.
    The rest is technical convenience – I say this as I don’t understand the rest of it!

    Good luck with it, though, looking forward to the revamped Duvet.


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