Education – not always as you think! Proud I am!

My son “learns” in a different way, for both of us this has always been a challenge, particularly when I can’t understand why he cant see the obvious!

This picture is definitely one of my proudest education moments.

My son is learning fractions in school. He understands 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 when written down. If you ask him one third of any number (upto 24) he will immediately answer correctly; how many 4s are in upto 32 correct answer; half of any even number the right answer; he can colour in the right amount of a divided shape.  Everything points to him understanding fractions right?

Ask him to read the same questions & write down the answers to the same problems,  he can’t e.g. 1/2 of 10 = / 1/3 of 9 =
despondency, frustration, anger and a pencil that has been sharpened to within an inch (literally) of its life.

Ask him 1/3 of 3; 1/2 of 2 or 1/4 of 4 & complete meltdown.

I was determined we would break the back of this on Monday evening. It took all my negotiating skills and application to even get us sitting down thinking about it. Suddenly it hit me – he needed to see it! The say the words, move the objects and see the results. Out came the craft draw and the lollipop sticks came out!

We made a square from 2 sticks. I asked N to take away one half of it. He did, I then asked him what did he have in his hand – he said one half! And so we built it from there! We had 40 sticks and spent half an hour doing all sorts of shapes and fractions using all the different phrases and words.

What an education for us both!


8 Responses to “Education – not always as you think! Proud I am!”

  1. The Moiderer Says:

    wow well done you for working with him. We all think differently and as a person who used to do training I am very aware that people learn differently. I am very visual. Once I have a picture, I have a concept. I wish I’d had you teaching me fractions!

  2. Baby Genie Says:

    That’s brilliant, I’d be so proud too!

  3. tiddlyompompom Says:

    well done both of you! I have taught maths for the last 4 years and seeing/doing things happen definitely helps it stick in their minds. I wish all parents were as good at helping their kids as you are 🙂

  4. Mrs Worthington Says:

    What a great idea. My children both learn differently and this is a good tip

  5. mumfordandsons4real Says:

    How clever is he!

  6. Susan Mann Says:

    What a great idea. Thak you x

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