New Park

Firstly my apologies for not being here for a while – I have had alot to contend with and have lost some of my confidence, particularly in my writing. It is with tentative hand that I am penning this new post.

We are now living in our new home. It is lovely and really does feel like home. However fitting into our new surroundings; making new friends; knowing where to go and what to do is all taking time, energy and confidence. One I have plenty of; one I am lacking in; the other ebbs and flows – you work it out.

We live near a lovely park. Easy to get to, it has great equipment ; well looked after with everything we think we need,  it is reliable and comforting. However it is always very busy and the equipment is aimed at slightly younger children. However today we went to a new park. Someone had mentioned to us that there was a different park in another location nearby. Going to a new one – was it a challenge too far?

Firstly we didnt exactly know where it was, a vague location was mentioned, but nothing exact. As we set out, the route we thought it was on was blocked due to bank holiday traffic – we would have to take a new route. We eventually found it, not where we first thought, but we got there. There was easy parking with no payment required. The park wasn’t busy – sunny and inviting with lots of new things to play on. But there was another area to the park we hadn’t anticipated – a skateboard park – filled with older wiser and more challenging kids. We looked and decided that we would go there another time! The new play equipment is much more suited to our age, challenging but achievable climbing gives us a really sense of success.

The people in the park are quite friendly too – they respond to our cheery hellos and take turns on the rides.  It is well maintained and provides a good couple of hours of fun.

So maybe visiting a new park wasn’t as daunting as we first thought!


3 Responses to “New Park”

  1. helloitsgemma Says:

    hey Becky, keep writing – I understand it is a difficult balance, blogging takes time, life takes time – best wishes to you and hope all develops as you would like – I will be watching this space X

  2. helloitsgemma Says:

    sorry I Becky you should have Becki you X

  3. Katt Says:

    Change can be scary at first. But it usually ends up being 4 the bettr.

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