Me and my Duvet


Me & my duvet!!

 Over the last 2 years my life has changed beyond recognition. These changes have a been a direct result of others’ actions, for which they are not able to take any responsibility.

The easy answer would to have stayed under my duvet eating chocolate cake and popping pills. However due to the dedication and determination of my friends and family; amazing will power, the ability to find humour everywhere and sheer bloody mindedness – I got out (occassionally still get back in!!) 

This is my journey to publication, please follow me, leave feedback and spread the word. My story is incredulous and it will make you smile, cry out in rage and discuss with other “How could you do that to another person?”. However the most important thing is that it will enable you to realise that anything can be humerous and anything can be overcome – although chocolate cake and pills can help sometimes!! 



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