Chocolate Cake


Not bothered how posh it looks – its chocolate cake!!


Chocolate cake for me represents all that is comforting in eating food that you love. Those who eat for just fuel, are really missing out on the pure delight that something this indulgent can bring. However, more importantly in this scenario, is the comforting factor that this type of food brings. I was regularly being sick, virtually every evening and every morning. It was a physical reaction to the stress of the situation and the physical presence of another – something I have never experienced before. Even 2 years later, the presence of that person makes we want to run to the nearest toilet and be sick.

Whats that got to do with chocolate cake – its the comfort factor. I wasnt being sick because I was ill, so once I had been sick, I needed to eat. Chocolate cake, cornflake cake, caramel  chocolate – anything that made me feel comforted – even for just a minute was a necessity.  I even struggled to eat infront of other people, I have no idea why, but it just became difficult. Chocolate cake gave me solace and made me feel that I was at least doing something for myself – trying to make myself feel better – it is as ridiculous as it sounds, but my warning is that it worked! Even if it was only for a matter of seconds, it was worth it, just to know how it felt to feel better!

Mind you I still lost over 2 stone – which I didn’t even notice at the time and wish I was still able to do that now!!


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