Popping Pills


Mine were red / brown & with seven lines for ease of remembering when you'd taken them!!

I was always sceptical of people needing pills sort out their moods! You just got on with it – push on through.

Post Natal depression hit me with a bang – in the words of the GP – “If you don’t take something……..!” The only way I can describe it was as if I was looking into what was happening through a window – I was someone I didn’t recognise but I thought I should be. The pills helped me regain perspective – it took patience and trying several different ones, but once my perspective was back – I was able to move on quickly.

That episode did make it easier to go back when the symptoms started back again. To be fair I was expecting it – no one goes through what I did without something in their head going pop. Only this time it was different – the pills only enabled me to get out from under the duvet. They did not enable me to move forwards (backwards or sideways!). The GP referred me to a psychiatrist, whose professional opinion was that I was not going to get over it – what had happened was awful – I would just get better at dealing with it. She increased my dose, changes my meds, added new ones in and eventually got me to a point where I could function – and please be aware I was functioning that’s it.

Then I had to get the will to get out from under the duvet everyday – I still have days now when I don’t want to (but they are because there’s someone else there!!!), so things have moved on.

I don’t think I would have coped without popping pills and I owed it to myself to give me the best shot possible at coping. Maybe I took the easy option? However I don’t think there were any other options open to me!


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